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Perfect rainy day wineries


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The Story of Fritz Underground WineryA farming community – that’s what wine country is. A collection of families pursuing one of the world’s oldest…


Breathtaking views and world class wines.

By Louis Calli

Off the beaten path in southern Napa… For the wild at heart, exploring the quiet roads that twist through the vineyards and mountains of…


A Cabernet Sauvignon experience for the ages

By Louis Calli

Napa ValleyThe mere name conjures images of meticulously manicured vineyards, vibrant thriving gardens and of course, world class Cabernet Sauvignon. This 30 mile long,…

Rodney Strong Blog 1

Wine Flights & Small Bites on the Terrace

By The VinoVisit Team

Summer in California’s Wine Country can be hot. I mean really hot.  It’s often 90-100F here in Napa and Sonoma Counties, so finding a nice place…

Charter Oak - VinoVisit Blog (5)

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By Louise Veron

PPhoto credits: Chick HarityYour GPS has just guided you to a quiet neighborhood at the northern end of Napa Valley in St. Helena. Without…

Lioco Blog - VinoVisit (46)

LIOCO – Inspired by Europe, yet distinctly Californian

By The VinoVisit Team

LIOCO is a funny name for a winery, isn’t it? A combination of founders Matt Licklider and Kevin O’Connor’s last names, their moniker reflects…

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